"…by imparting a knowledge of physics he made them live naturally under laws of their own…." ( Iordanes )

Dacian map of the Kogaionon, incrusted by dacians in mountain stones

Dacian ceramic painted with zigzag patterns, ellipses and traces discovered by ICIDAC around the big "dava" of the Pades Mountain, in the Cucuis Village, Beriu, the county of Hunedoara.

Plate or fruit plate made of the same ceramic (a fine, smooth paste) and bearing the same geometrical patterns.

Fruit plate with an assymetrical heart-shaped pattern. The drawing was noticed by ICIDAC on a great number of Dacian terracotta pieces found at Pades.

The tree of life designed as a cosmic firtree, especially worshipped by the great masters and their craftsmen.

The tree of life designed as an Corinthian acantha firtree appears on a great many buildings, and Dacian ceramic and terracotta pieces.

Dacian ceramic painted traditionally with zigzag patterns, circles and secants.

A fragment of a fruit plate painted with thin leaves and glazed with a temperature resistent glassy layer, whose composition is similar to the aluminosilicates layer which protects the extra-pure Dacian iron against rust.

Dacian plate with wave, firtree and Egyptian lotus, made of an extremely hard material, doped with Pb. The little firtree on the right has 9 branches, while the left one has only 6..

Dacian terracotta with Indian lotus bud, discovered around the "dava" on the Pades Mountain.

Solar handmill on a Dacian ritual cap, discovered accidentally under the roots of a withered cherry tree on Dealul Muncelului.

The sun on the Dacian terracotta fragments found at Pades. .

Dacian fruit plate with Dacian wave on the mouth, with brown circles, secants.

Plate with chiseled "traces", placed in the shape of a secant, possibly a calendar.

The extraordinary Dacian plate with 5 rows of waves crossing the green glazed surface..

Fruit plate found at Pades with the tree of life designed as a blooming mistletoe. The mistletoe, the sacred tree of the Druids, appears on one of the scenes on Trajan's Column (see the Dacian file)

Gigantic geometrical figures formed by the walled mountain peaks of the Dacians.

The Omu Peak and the Banita "dava"(fortress) , if connected by an imaginary line with the Racos fortress, forms an immense right triangle.

The Omu Peak, the Capilna and Bitca Doamnei Fortresses (in the neighbourhood of the town Piatra Neamt) "shelter" the great plain of Brasov in another impressive triangle.

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